Timeline: Passionate About Web Development

Once Upon A time… A Wessex Tale of Dashing Digital Deeds

Wessex Digital is a web development and digital marketing agency based in Poole, Dorset. Hello and welcome aboard; as proprietor my objective is to provide the best possible service I can to my customers. I’ve been involved in web development since 1999 and I’m now a professional freelance web designer. With a background originally in graphic design, in the 1990s I was working as an editor/art director on a printed magazine when I became intrigued by the internet, its technology and potential for reaching a wider, even global audience.

The Wessex Digital Workshops

I made the switch to working online and embarked on a very long learning curve into the world of web development. I taught myself HTML and CSS, followed by JavaScript and PHP. With many previous years of commercial experience of computer use behind me, I had accumulated a solid grounding in IT through using PC’s and Macs, DOS, Windows and applications like Quark Xpress, Pagemaker, Illustrator and Photoshop. In 2000 I switched my attention to part-time teaching of IT skills, and that was really the birth of Wessex Digital. From 2002 onwards I developed this further into a series of workshops on web design called the Wessex Digital Web Design Workshops. I still run them occasionally to this day. This was all happening whilst I worked full-time for a small graphic design agency in Bournemouth, specialising as their website designer, and out of the necessity for a quicker work-flow at this point I adopted Dreamweaver as my trusty workhorse application for writing markup. 

Web Development in Dorset

Back at the turn of the millennium, Dorset had slowly awoken to the possibilities of e-commerce and digital marketing. My earliest personal commissions for web sites back then were from business associates here in Dorset. Those early web sites I’d hand coded line by line, in nothing more than a simple text editor; an experience which gave me in-depth knowledge of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of web development, providing an edge over some of today’s competition. Those early days were very experimental, and for a time I even ran an Apache web server on a FreeBSD UNIX platform, but eventually decided to specialise in web development rather than network services. Nonetheless, the experience provided me with a useful appreciation of the technicalities of network configuration. I know it’s a cliche, but things have certainly moved on, and it’s been a fascinating journey to be a part of the growth of the web in Dorset.

My Approach Today

Having accumulated many professional contacts in the industry, by 2015 this enabled me to expand my activities into this current digital design agency. I take a flexible approach towards my work and treat each job individually. With small and most medium sized website design I provide a completely independent, in-house production. This offers the most cost effective solution. With very large projects I’m fortunate to have at my disposal a healthy network of talented designers and web developers with whom I can flexibly contract to form a solid and integrated web development team. It’s a modern, practical and flexible approach that has yielded results for dozens of my satisfied customer. I always remain at the helm, and my customers can be confident their project is safe in my hands.

Male web designer at desk

Freelance Web Developer

As a freelance web developer I’ve worked with high profile Dorset based graphic and digital design agencies. Much of the work I’ve undertaken has had an industrial focus: for example designing websites for civil engineering companies, industrial installation engineers, and Dorset based property developers. On occasion I’ve been hired to do corrective de-bugging for digital design agencies when things haven’t turned out quite right for them!

Over the years I’ve worked on a variety of commercial, government and charitable projects. Amongst my many client commissions, have been a web development project for Local Government in Poole, Dorset, promoting wellbeing and positive living, and a completely branded portfolio of websites promoting a chain of residential care homes across the county of Dorset.

I count myself lucky to have had the privilege to provide web development services for some very worthy causes. One of these was coding London’s initial Green Chain website, which linked together urban parkland, sections of greenbelt, nature trails and SSSI’s across SE London, into a seamless series of walks for adults of all ages and abilities. As a conservation and wildlife project, it also provided an invaluable educational resource for London’s schools.

What can Wessex Digital do for YOU?

Wessex Digital specialises in web development: that means the whole process of developing your web site, including publication on the internet’s World Wide Web (WWW), by using the standard client–server model. Just for your information: the client in this sense is not a person, it’s the device viewing your web page; the server is the computer that stores and delivers your web page to the client. Then the communications between client and server is done via the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and delivery via the Internet Protocol (IP). Enough tech-talk, web development is our thing. That means we can create for you anything from a simple single static page of text to complex web-based applications, known as web apps. We’ll include a web content management system (CMS) to maintain and develop those web apps.

Web developer looking at screen

Dedicated experts Working for You

Wessex Digital’s web developers are extremely competent in web engineering, both client-side and server-side scripting (including the all-important configuration of web server security). The web development process consists of two parts that function together as one. The front-end web developers focus on what you can see; through their expert use of mark-up language like HTML, CSS and JavaScript they design the client-side visuals and behaviours that will run in your visitors’ browser. Meanwhile, our back-end developers work on all the vital behind-the-scenes stuff, such as scripting web apps by utilising web technologies such as PHP or ASP. They will also configure your SQL databases with dependable expertise. In short, they are responsible for just about everything that runs on the web server. My most versatile colleagues, known as full-stack web developers, can work on both sides, i.e. client-side and server-side. They form an excellent bridge between the two specialities.

A comprehensive web development service

The scope of Wessex Digital’s web development service includes all aspects of content development and web design for your online business, ecommerce, and social media platforms. The collective expertise of our web developers and information system technicians means we can help you find the best solution.

The current range of Wessex Digital solutions for web development includes:

Front end development: website design, graphic design, logo design, digital marketing, branding, copywriting, content development, search engine optimisation (SEO), PPC advertising. Back end development: server-side scripting, web apps and database configuration. We also provide access to full web hosting solutions.

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Getting the Right Service for You

Free Consultations in the Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and Hampshire area

The Wessex Digital web consultancy service offers completely free personal consultations at your own premises in the Bournemouth, Poole area, or within a 20 mile radius of this. If you are looking to outsource to a permanent contractor the care of your web development project, or just want a quote, please feel free to ask questions. We will liaise with you to find a solution that fits your requirements. We’d love to hear from you. Be assured you can expect quick, prompt, polite assistance.

C P Wareham
Owner, proprietor