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What is search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO as it’s commonly abbreviated, is all about increasing the quantity and quality of the website traffic coming through to your website from the search engines (such as Google or Bing). A lot can rest on getting this part of your digital marketing strategy right; it is vitally important to your prospects of successful marketing.

From a strategic point of view search engine optimisation examines how search engines and their complicated algorithms function; it considers the behaviour of searchers, and studies the search terms, words, they type in to the search engine.

Getting your web page higher up the search engine results pages (SERPs) is called improving your rankings. This is the principal aim, because the higher you rank, the easier you will be found. Specifically, the term SEO refers to the practice of improving the standard unpaid so-called ‘organic’ search results shown in the SERPs.

Traditionally SEO doesn’t include any form of paid placement (SEM/PPC), or non-search engine generated direct traffic, but can include increasing the number of back links i.e. incoming links to your website from other web sites. SEO can target a variety of sources, such as text, images, videos or news. Most web searches are now carried out on mobile devices.


Our Five-Step Approach To Successfully Optimising Your Website For Higher Rankings In The Search Engines:

Once appointed to conduct your search engine optimisation, the process begins with establishing an understanding of what you want to achieve in detail. We’ll discuss this with you, so we can plan the right strategy moving forward, be it more traffic, leads, more sales or more effective brand recall strategies.

Our audit begins with an analysis of where improvements can be made with your existing website. Before anything is changed we will put together a custom SEO strategy specially tailored to the needs of your business. To do this we conduct a full audit to check what needs to be done to increase your number of visitors. We then begin to implement all the necessary changes. Auditing is performed regularly to keep your website’s progress monitored and to keep you placed as competitively as possible in the SERPs.

Utilising keywords involves placing the most relevant keywords and phrases in to the pages of your website, in a prominent way that also reads naturally and as a reader would expect. We will work with you to define the keywords your potential customers would most likely use if they were searching for a website like yours. We’ll research the best fitting keywords to reach your market, by ensuring the keyword structure is correct for your purposes. This step forms a vital part in any long-term successful digital marketing campaign. We will include regular checks to attract the right visitors for sales conversions.

Your home page is the most important page on your website. We’ll give this special attention, but nonetheless, every page on your website will be specially optimised in its own right. We’ll discuss with you the content of your web pages, and offer our professional opinion on any modifications worth making that would make your them more search engine friendly. As a digital marketing and advertising agency, we can offer a full copywriting service to make editorial changes to your web pages where recommended.

At Wessex Digital your whole SEO campaign is carefully monitored and audited on an ongoing basis. We regularly check how your keywords are performing, and monitor the opposition. We’ll keep an eye on which keywords are working, and analyse which keywords enquiries are producing results. Analytical software will be used to measure your website’s progress and conversion rate. We’ll work closely with you, communicating and reporting our progress back to you regularly, and to stay in touch with the aims of your SEO campaign. This will help to get you the best results.

Optional Local SEO

We realise that for a lot of small to medium-sized businesses their principal market is in their own local region. If you would like a more locally-focussed approach we can direct our efforts in that way. This will get your website ranking higher in a more locally targeted region. We’ll make sure your business is listed with ‘Google My Business’ and other important business directories to improve your local brand awareness.

We’ll Find The RIGHT Solution For You

At Wessex Digital we have a range of SEO options available as part of our Digital Marketing Service. It’s always best to speak to us so we can discuss the various options with you. We’re committed to providing you the best possible service at the best budget-friendly costs.