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6th January 2021
Email tips – Getting the most out of using email
e-mail or email tips?The terms ‘e-mail’ and ‘email’ are both acceptable, valid forms. Capitalisation of the ‘e’ is not necessary, though it does occasionally get used. From a strictly grammatical poin...
1st January 2021
DNS : The Domain Name System
What is a domain name? How do they work? For that matter, how does this whole 'internet thing' work?  These are commonly asked questions. At this point we could get very technical; which might, or mig...
1st January 2021
Happy New Year
Happy New Year to all our clients. 2021 looks set to be an exciting year for us here at Wessex Digital. We've got a lot planned. We're kicking off with our new-look blog so we can continue to bring yo...
31st December 2020
Types of Domain Name: The Top Level Domain (TLD)
How it all beganThe Domain Name System (DNS) was created back in the 1980s. It is administered by an American multi stakeholder group and non-profit organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for...
26th December 2020
Tips on Deciding on a Domain Name
How to decide on a domain nameYour own domain name is a very valuable marketing tool which when combined with a well implemented SEO strategy should bring visitors and potential custo...
20th December 2020
What is Ecommerce?
Ecommerce (or e-commerce) stands for Electronic Commerce. In other words, any form of commercial activity conducted electronically, usually on the Internet. When a company sells a product or service t...
2nd December 2020
Planning and Budgeting for Your New Website
The Main Factors to Consider When Planning Your Web Design We understand that for many owners of smaller businesses a website represents a very significant investment. It’s a fair old chunk of cap...
8th September 2020
Wessex Digital Marketing Guide
The Nuts and Bolts Of How Digital Marketing Works Time for some jargon-busting: as companies have move over to marketing on the internet, a host of labels and jargon have grown up around the industry....
2nd September 2020
Logo Types and their Applications
Logos come in many flavours but have a single function: to represent your business with an image that symbolises it and reinforces a brand association. They are made from combining typography with ima...