Domain Branded Email for Business

Have you got a branded email address for your business that matches your company name? If not, our team will be happy to help you set one up. There are many good reasons why you should consider using a company branded email address.

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Why Getting Your Own Business Email Address is a Very Good Idea

Project Professionalism

To look professional your business email address should include your company’s name, for example ‘@yourbusinessname.com’. If you use standard email addresses from Yahoo, Outlook or suchlike, you run the risk of presenting your company as unprofessional and lacking legitimacy. With your domain name registered you can set up company email addresses that will establish your branding.

If your business is new, one of the first challenges you will face is to establish credibility in your market. You’re going to want your potential customers to take you seriously, and they are going to have certain expectations. The first of these is that you will have a business name, at least some level of branding e.g. marketing materials, and of course a professional website.

A few decades ago your customers would initially expect a credible business to occupy a bricks-and-mortar premises. Today that initial expectation is a website. Without one, you are unlikely to appear very legitimate. Your website will most likely contain your company domain name e.g. ‘www.yourbusinessname.com’. It’s the digital face of your business, and where people find you on the web. There is however, one more very important place that your domain name will work for your business, and that is as the final part of your email address (i.e. after the ‘@’ sign).

If you want to project your business as professionally as possible, a branded domain email is going to be vital. In today’s business and market environment your potential customers will expect you to have a business domain email. Using the alternatives, i.e. a standard non-business email account with the likes of Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail would not serve you well. These companies are providing a fantastic facility, and fulfil a vital role for consumers seeking free and instant access to email. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it for non-professional purposes, but they are most definitely not the way to go for a business that wants to be taken seriously.

Ask yourself this: which of the following seems more professional?

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We know what we’d prefer!

Distinguish Yourself from the Crowd

A non-business email account is really not going ‘to cut the mustard’. Let’s be honest, it’s not a good look, is it? With a company branded domain email you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. To prospective clients, if you’re conducting business using a standard consumer account, it looks dodgy, it raises a red flag that questions how serious you really are with your business. It conveys a lack of investment in your future; so why should they trust you? For many potential customers, when they see anything less than a properly branded business email it’s time to look elsewhere.

Increase your Brand recognition

When you’re a new business it’s the name of your company that establishes the principle element of your brand. Your domain name will most likely be inherited from your company name, and from there so will your business email address. Every time somebody sees the name of your business, awareness of your brand grows. Every blog or social media post will do the same and so should your email address. Your branding begins with your company name and one of your first points of contact with potential new customers is therefore through your email name. Why on earth would you want to miss out on that opportunity? Sure you can include your business name before the ‘@’ sign in a standard email address but for many potential customers it would prompt doubts about how you run your company, and be off-putting. When your email address contains your company name after the ‘@’ sign it conveys the impression that your business is serious and an established operation.

6 ADVANTAGES of Branded Business Domain Email versus Unbranded Email


Build your business today with a branded domain email account

It must be pretty obvious by now that a professionally hosted business email account bearing your company’s name is going to create a much better impression to prospective clients, and have a much more positive impact, whilst the alternative might even harm your business.

If you are thinking of hiring the services of another business, and of two potential candidates only one had a properly branded email address, they would be more likely to make the right impression than the other company. The same is true of your prospects if the situation were reversed.

It’s a simple fact that a professional email address promotes a more professional and credible image, and sends the right signals to your prospective customers; an impression that you’re serious. It strengthens your branding and helps you stand out from the competition.

There is only one conclusion you can really reach: having a well hosted professional business domain email is the smart way to go. Have a chat with Colin if you want to know more. He’ll tell you everything you need to know, and guide you through the whole process of getting a business email account set up for you.

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Benefits of using email in a modern business environment

  • Low-cost. Using email is virtually free. Once an email account is active there are no additional charges for the sending of each individual email.
  • Global reach. A message by email can be sent to virtually any country or location on the planet.
  • Speed and efficiency. With contact details readily available, emails are quick to compose, can be sent immediately, and your recipient will receive it as soon as they go online and check their email. What’s more, it’s possible for the recipient to access their email from any location.
  • Multiple recipients. With email a single message can easily be sent to several recipients, or large groups of people simultaneously.
  • File attachments. Email allows the sender to include attachments, e.g. other documents, pictures, photos or files along with the actual email.
  • Flexibility. Email provides the ideal media for non-urgent communication. A response can be made at a convenient time for the recipient. Users can easily communicate across time zones regardless of their personal schedules.
  • Storage. Since emails are saved digitally they can be stored for an indefinite period of time. This allows users to retain important messages, and easily retrieve them should the need arise. Messages can be stored, and viewed again even years later!
  • Categorisation. Through the use of special filters, emails can be categorised. This helps to eliminate unwanted messages such a spam, and makes it easier to locate and reopen specific messages.
  • Environmentally friendly. Last but not least, email is a paperless form of communication, and therefore conserves environmental resources.