Digital Marketing Research And Getting To Know Your Market

Digital Marketing Research

Digital Marketing Research and Google Analytics

Google is undoubtedly by far the most popular search engine in use by the public today. It’s achieved that status by being able to serve up the most accurate results to user’s search queries. In the process of crawling the web, Google has accumulated a vast amount of data. Fortunately for us, it’s prepared to share with the owner of a website, lots of diagnostic information which it is able to extract from that data, and make available through its diagnostic tools, such as its Google Analytics service.

We will track the progress of your marketing campaign with Google Analytics. This is a very efficient tool for gathering information on the behaviour of visitors to your website. It will provide us with useful insights in to how users found your website. We can then take this data to track how your return on investment or ROI is progressing.

Google Analytics is a very sophisticated digital marketing research tool. For your search engine optimisation it provides the data we need. It can provide us with a wealth of data on things like where your visitors are coming from, which digital marketing channels are working for you. We can track their navigation through your site and see what pages they’ve visited. We can tell which country they were visiting from, and even things like which browser they were using at the time.

Content marketing metrics

Once your digital marketing strategy is in place you’ll want to monitor how well you’re doing. You’ll need to be able to measure how close you are getting to achieving your goals through the level of user-engagement, and conversion metrics of your campaign. This is where we come in. We’ll use Google Analytics to monitor and measure the progress of your site.

Raising your brand awareness and website visibility

If you’re trying to increase the awareness of your brand and expand your customer reach, you’ll need to monitor the increase in visitor numbers to every page on your website. More than this, you’ll need to know their level of engagement i.e. how long they remained on a page, and whether they clicked on to another page.

Mounting an effective digital marketing research campaign requires keeping an eye on many factors and making necessary adjustments as and when needed. We will run the campaign for you, and here are some examples of the kind of information we will be monitoring:

How much influence does your brand have?

How many times do tweets, posts and comments about your brand get shared across other social media platforms? It’s all useful information to acquire in order to further your digital marketing campaign.

How good is your Feedback?

Brand health metrics measure how important your brand is to customers through any positive or negative feedback you receive. It’s important to know this, so forms inviting customer feedback on the site can help to get a clearer picture.

How diverse is your customer base?

It’s worth paying attention to the demographics of your visitors, especially new visitors and their buying habits. We can achieve this by keeping a close eye on the sources of your website traffic. This may come to you directly by someone typing in your website address, or it may be referred from search engines or social media pages.

Ecommerce and Increasing sales

As an online trader with an ecommerce website, assuming like most businesses you want to increase your sales, your ecommerce metrics will provide invaluable information. The conversion rates from viewing products to actually achieving sales will increase our understanding of your customers’ buying habits. Your ecommerce metrics will show the levels of customer engagement, through time spent on a page, percentage of how many returning visits customers made. Your ecommerce platform will do this by using ‘cookies’.

Social media and innovation metrics

How well are your social media campaigns influencing your customers?
Is the ‘Twitter-sphere’ talking about your brand?

The more engagement you can achieve, the more brand loyalty will be acquired. Research has shown that when a company like yours posts and shares ideas on social media platforms, potential customers can be influenced by reading these and motivated to share their opinions across those platforms.

Trend Spotting

Spotting which brands are trending through the gossipers of social media (trend spotting) can provide useful marketing information. There are tools such as Google Trends and Twitter’s Trendsmap to help gain some insight with this.

Google Analyttics graphics

Sample screenshots of Google Analytics

Market research graphic design imagery

Monthly Progress Reports

We will keep your site monitored and submit monthly progress reports to you. This way you will be kept fully up-to-date with how your digital marketing campaign is performing.