Why You Need to Register Your Own Domain Name Today!

To succeed out there on the internet you need to stand out, and registering your own domain name will establish your unique identity. If you are planning to engage in any commercial activity online you’ll need a strong presence and your own domain name is a vital investment. Your unique domain name will provide your business with credibility and a professional presence on the internet. We can build you a great website to go with it. If your website is easy to find via a web search, and easy for customers to navigate around, you stand a good chance of success in ecommerce or any other form of business. Your unique domain name, along with a well-designed website will stand out from the crowd. When you have your own domain name registered, you also have the possibility of creating all your own branded email addresses for your business too. Your own registered domain name will also help to protect your trademarks and copyrights. It will help to build your credibility by increasing the awareness of your brand, and enhancing your visibility on the search engines.

At Wessex Digital we’ll register your own domain name for you, and all our web design plans include free domain registration for the first year.

We have a range of solutions to suit every budget.  These include: domain name registration only, registration including website hosting, or hosting of an already registered domain name.  If you need help on deciding what name to register, or to find out how we can help you or to get more information have a chat with Colin, who’ll be more than pleased to answer any of your questions.

Domain Names for Business

Register Your Own Domain Name

Why do you need to register your own domain name?

You might ask, when you can get free web pages on many social media sites, what is the point in spending money to register your own domain name? Why would you want to register ‘yourbusinessname.com’ when you could have ‘facebook.com/yourbusinessname’ or ‘instagram.com/yourbusinessname’ or ‘pinterest.co.uk/yourbusinessname’ or even ‘yourbusinessname.wordpress.com’ etc. for free! Do you really need your own TLD? What makes the extra investment worthwhile? There are actually tons of benefits in having your own domain name registered:

Brand protection
Your reputation
SEO Rankings
Retaining Control
  • When register your own domain name it will add professional credibility to your business and distinguish you from your competitors.
  • Your own domain name will enhance and boost the visibility of your brand. Your own domain name will be memorable, and attract new customers.
  • It will give the impression that your company is up-to-date, on trend, and tech-savvy. This will give your potential customers more confidence in doing business with you.
  • It creates a permanent designation for your services. You may change your hosting provider or relocate to another country etc. but your own domain name will remain constant, as will your brand, improving your prospects of retaining customer loyalty.
  • Your established visibility in the search engines will draw customers to you. Your brand will become instantly more recognisable when customers are searching for products or services online.
  • Your own domain name offers geographical flexible in that you can choose to market yourself anywhere in the world, globally, or just locally if that’s more relevant to your target market.
  • As long as you keep your own domain name registered it will not expire and will be yours for as long as you want it. Providing you do not allow the registration to lapse, no one can take it from you.