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PPC stands for pay-per-click. It’s a form of advertising and digital marketing on the internet. You pay for ads that drive traffic to your website. Every time a visitor on Google, or other search engines, clicks one of your ads you pay a small fee. In short, PPC is a way of buying your website’s visits, rather than acquiring them through the less reliable standard unpaid listings. The results can be very fast!

In a highly populated online marketplace, PPC is the ideal marketing tool for getting your site prominently placed, and build more brand awareness quickly. This is possible because it bypasses the regular process of waiting for Google to find and index your website during its scheduled crawls of the web. The internet is vast, so without any PPC, your website can take weeks or even months to be found by Google. PPC guarantees your advertisement exposure to your target market, and the quickest route to getting clicks, leads and sales.

One of the main benefit of advertising with PPC, particularly at the outset, is you’re up and running quickly, whilst your organic SEO has time to slowly gain traction towards bearing fruit in the long term, and deliver your most cost-effective results.

Benefits of PPC advertising can include:

  • Prominent positioning above your competition
  • Improved brand awareness
  • PPC ads are popular
  • High levels of user engagement

Stats and data to closely monitor and improve your campaign

We put a lot of thought in to devising your PPC campaign. We’ll research and find the right keywords. Then we’ll get them organised in to ad groups and make sure that each click takes your visitor to a landing page that is fully optimised for conversion. The search engines like to satisfy their users, and so will reward owners of ads linking to pages that are deemed the most useful for their users, by charging owners less per click. Therefore, with our fully optimised approach your costs will be lower, and your success rate higher! It’s important to get PPC right, and we have the expertise.

What is Google Ads?

Put simply, Google Ads is the largest and most popular of all the PPC advertising platforms currently on the internet. In common with all PPC platforms it’s a pay-per-click system. It’s a form of auction, in which advertisers bid on keywords, and pay for clicks on their advertisement.

Every time a member of the public uses Google to conduct a search, Google delves through all the ads placed with it, and selects a set of ‘winners’ to appear on the search results page. It all happens in nano-seconds. The criteria for selecting the winners is done by an algorithm which weighs up a bunch of factors, such as the most relevant keywords, ad campaigns, and most importantly the size of the keyword bid.

When you advertise with Google Ads you will have to fix a budget. It’s an approach which allows you to reach potential customers within your budget. The higher your budget, the more opportunities there are for Google to display your ad. It’s a form of auction.

It’s All in The Algorithm

Google’s algorithm determines when your advertisements get displayed. It’s called Ad Rank, and it’s a very simple formula. Your Ad Rank is calculated by multiplying together two key factors:

  1. The maximum CPC (cost-per-click) bid. This is the highest amount you have declared you are willing to pay for a given keyword.
  2. The Quality Score. This is a value calculated by the algorithm that takes in to account your click-through rate (CTR), the relevance of your ad to the keyword, and the quality of your landing page, i.e. the page to which the ad is linked.

Bear in mind, the cost-per-click you pay is not the same as your maximum CPC bid. The cost you are charged for an actual click is based on what others are willing to pay and their Quality Score, divided by your Quality Score, plus 1 US cent. It’s all determined by algorithms.

It stands to reason then, that the more competitive a market is for certain products or services, the more competitive the bidding will be for the relevant keywords. That is exactly what happens.

Other Options we can provide for you:

Google Shopping
Google Display Network

So Are You Ready To Give It a Try?

We’re here to offer you a full PPC digital marketing service from the off. At the outset we’ll plan out your strategy and goals. To this end we’ll agree on a realistic budget to achieve those goals. Moving forward we will track conversions and monitor the progress of your PPC marketing campaign with analytical research tools. Our data can be fed back to you to keep you informed and help you make your critical marketing decisions.

Depending on how much advertising you want to do the costs will be flexible. You can set a monthly budget for your advertisements. Our PPC plans our flexible and allow you to alter your ads whenever you like. You can even pause for a breather, to take stock, and we’ll keep your account open.

The service includes management of your budget so it is targeted effectively on productivity, through keyword research/bidding, copywriting and content management of your ads. It will be continuously monitored throughout your whole campaign, with reports submitted on a regular basis.